EPA Power Profiler Report
This tool will generate a report about the electricity you use. It takes about five minutes to run and will provide you with details about specific air emissions impacts associated with your electricity use (including average annual pounds of CO2/MWh). Try it out by clicking the EPA button above.
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Overheated: A Reasoned Look at the Global Warming Debate
D. James Kennedy
The environmental concern of our time -- the issue of global warming – is tackled in this eye-opening book. Common myths about the ozone layer hole, carbon dioxide emissions, rising temperatures being bad, and mankind's contribution to the problem are addressed. 
Green, American Style: Becoming Earth-Friendly and Reaping the Benefits
Anna M. Clark
Today, more and more Americans are finding value in going green. Offering more than a simple list of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, the green movement is explored from the diverse perspectives of business, faith and lifestyle, while showing you the benefits of sustainable living.
Do You Want Fries with That? The Indispensable Guide to a Fun and Fulfilling Career
Barbour Publishing / 2005 / Paperback
Choosing and getting the right job is one of the most important and challenging steps a person will take which is why the process is often fraught with anxiety. Addresses the job search, resume writing, the interview process, and much more. Invaluable for grads or anyone looking to change a career.
You Could Save The World
This poster is 11x25.5 vertical view and is glossy and in full color. This K-12 poster is great to hang in classrooms and schools to spark an interest in engineering with the pre-university audience.This poster is free and can be downloaded.
Career and Technical Core Bundle
EEI Publishing 
Prepare to pass nationally recognized core assessments with these easy to read study guides. Five (5) of our most popular workbooks are included in the bundle. 
EEI Publishing
Communicating effectively whether written or verbal is easier than ever before with these simple guidelines.
Construction Documents
EEI Publishing
The environmental concern of our time -- the issue of global warming – is tackled in this eye-opening book. Common myths about the ozone layer hole, carbon dioxide emissions, rising temperatures being bad, and mankind's contribution to the problem are addressed. 
EEI Publishing
No experience needed. Employability skills are important to find and keep employment in any technical field. Learn and master the most important soft skills.
Materials Handling
EEI Publishing
Movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products matters when it comes to productivity. Assist employees to become familiar with the most important facets of material handling.
EEI Publishing
An OSHA 10 perspective of electrical, tool, ladder, chemical and materials handling safety for the technical professional.
EEI Publishing
Tools are a common part of our lives. Technicians must choose the right tool for the job and be responsible for properly using and maintaining tools.
HVAC Modular Lab - Instructor Guide
EEI Publishing
Instructions for trainer preparation, a detailed lesson plan, instructor references for student practical activities along with review questions and answers. Covers electrical, mechanical , chemical, controls, duct, indoor air quality, tubing piping and more.
EPA 608 Certification Study Guide/CD
EEI Publishing
$19.99 (print version) $29.99 (with CD and E-book included)
Prepare for the EPA 608 Certification Examination with this guide that contains all the information required to answer questions on the test. The more the technician understands the concepts behind EPA 608 regulations, the better the technician will do on the exam and the more likely the technician is to comply.
12" Tool Bag
Item # 99762
This nylon bag has padded sides and a rigid bottom to protect tools. This tool bag is ideal for getting tools to the jobsite and back securely!
Tools sold separately.

Safety Glasses, Clear Lens
Item # 99762
Protect your eyes with these stylish safety glasses. Clear lenses give you an optimal view of your project while protecting your eyes from potentially hazardous projectiles.
6 Piece Screwdriver Set
Item #47770
These screwdrivers feature textured handles for a non-slip grip and comfortable use. The durable chrome shafts have magnetic tips.
Face Shield with Flip-Up Visor
This ANSI certified face shield has a flip-up visor and can be worn over eyeglasses. Features include an adjustable elastic headband.
7 Function Multimeter
Item #98025
This versatile 7 function multimeter provides precise measurements and tests for a variety of electronics. The multimeter tool conducts tests of AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, transistor, diode and battery. 
7" Wire Stripper with Cutter
Item # 98410
The 7" wire stripper with cutter allows you to strip 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, and 10 AWG wire as well as shear 8-32 and 10-32 gauge screws. 

3-1/2" 9 LED Mini Flashlight
Item # 69111
Super-bright nine LED bulb flashlight with knurled barrel for better grip, easy push button on/off. Lightweight aluminum construction. Compact design
Includes 3 AAA batteries.
Basic Skills
EEI Publishing 
Help Wanted. Get a refresher of the basic skills required by high demand technical careers.
A collection of puzzles, worksheets and games designed to peak interest and awareness as a supplement to safety training. Topics and materials are aligned with OSHA topics. Contact sales to request catalog and pricing.
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